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Solutions and Services as provided by
Lumber Timber Group Inc.

Both the producer Global Group Members and the staff of The Lumber Timber Group have enjoyed years and years of trusted and recognized Industry stewardship and performance. We believe that everything begins and ends with solid RELATIONSHIPS, bundled with trust, integrity, and loyalty, even friendship. We are here to do a job FOR our customer partners … NOT ON them. Even today in our Hi-Tech world, people still do business with people.

Our GROUP strives to demonstrate VALUE to distinguish us from others. We are constantly creating reasons to do business with us, instead of others. While many of these reasons center on Product – Price – Availability, we offer more by wrapping these with Solutions and Services to enhance our VALUE, including:

· Speed with Honesty:

Need a fast answer? Need a straight answer? Want a prompt call-back? Want someone to do what he or she says? Enjoy the personal customer service of doing business with LTG.

· The Market:

The art of buying is in the TIME of the buy, more than the price of the buy. LTG’s experience and savvy helps as references in predicting the peaks and valleys of the market. We aren’t biased in advancing our own supply positions … we want to assist our customer partners in creating their own favorable supply positions.

· Want More?

We provide Product Alternatives & Substitutions expertise. We provide Take Off & Value
Engineering advice. We provide Installation recommendations.

· Still More?

We provide Lead Referrals and help with Pull-Thru Sales. We provide Promotional Support. We help our customers sell it to their customers. The producer Global Group Members and the staff of The Lumber Timber Group believe that RELATIONSHIPS and VALUES will create OPPORTUNITIES. And these OPPORTUNITIES, always identified and shared with our customer partners, become the core that makes businesses grow and succeed.