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Our Purpose:

Lumber Timber Group (LTG) is incorporated to provide a selected Global Group of compatible Sawmills and Manufacturers with specialized sales representation, that these Group Members might not otherwise have.

By being a variable, non-payroll, non-overhead, sales force for the Group Members, LTG shall be an inexpensive vehicle through which the Group Members can move their products, services and values, without compromising the Group’s low competitive pricing for these.

Who We Are:

The Global Group Members and LTG are reliable and ethical places of business. Certainly, we know the industry. But perhaps more important is the way we do business … we mean what we say … we do what we mean … and we do so with speed, clarity, courtesy, and honesty. We believe in the fellowship of the Lumber Industry, and the respect and trust of Lumbermen doing business with Lumbermen.

What We Do:

The Global Group Members and LTG provide Excellence in Exotic Decking, Flooring, Lumber, Timber and Piling … by emphasizing Sales, Values, Solutions and Service. The Group Members and LTG understand the Lumber Industry’s traditional Distribution Channels, and we, as the Manufacturers, provide these goods and services in Volume-Direct-Shipments to the appropriate Channel Tier for the varied Group Member’s Products.

How It Works:

Just call or e-mail LTG with your inquiry or request, and LTG will respond with the specific Group Member’s quote, including price, quantity, tally, moisture content, dressing, lead times, terms of sale, etc. Credit will need to be established for first time buyers with a Group Member. When an order is placed, an acknowledgement from the Group Member shall be provided. Once the order ships, the Group Member will direct invoice to the customer, for the customer’s direct payment to the Group Member. Then it’s done all over again.